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Jury SystemPurpose Of A Grand Jury – A Critical Analysis on System

May 2, 20200

What is the purpose of a grand jury?

I got a question about whether or not I thought. 

What I thought about professional jurors and I’m not sure the question is kind of vague. 

I don’t know if there’s some jurisdiction out there that’s having professional juries. 

But in my mind a professional jury is a grand jury. 

A jury that kind of sits all the time it’s not picked randomly. 

So the grand jury is probably the most what I consider a professional jury out there. 

I got pros and cons with a grand jury so let’s discuss what a grand jury is? 

A grand jury they call it grand because it has more jurors than a regular jury. 

A regular jury that you go to trial has 12 members unless you has the defendant decide to have less. 

If I’m being charged by the government and I say that I only want six jurors I’ll only have a six jury panel. 

If I say I only want three jurors I can have three jury panel. 

I can have one jury panel. 

Obviously the more people you have the more beneficial it is to you. 

Because then you only have to convince one person you’re not guilty. 

So why someone would choose less than 12 jurors. 

I don’t know. 

Some people will agree to six or nine jury panel. 

So in a grand jury, it has more than 12. 

Normally 23 or 24 and some places only 12. 

But I mean the grand jury was designed to be larger than a regular jury. 

So it’s a grand jury actually. 

The grand jury refers to a regular jury having a petit a smaller jury. 

So they call it a petit jury which is a 12 member jury but the grand jury normally has more members.

How does the grand jury come out? 

It’s been around for years and a lot of countries still use it. 

They use the kind of the same premise but it’s a little bit different actually. 

I think one of the first grand juries is back when the Catholics were running the system and I still think religion as a form of government but when the Catholics did it and they had the grand jury they would like that there was a grand jury that they had a group of citizens. 

They would literally throw the defendant in the freaking water and if you sink and drown you were innocent, if you floated you were guilty. 

I mean it goes back to burning the witches if they burnt you at the stake is a witch. If you were a real witch you could stop it but if you burnt and died then they were wrong and they were sorry and you must have not been a witch. 

I mean human history just goes on. 

Anyway I digress. 

So the grand jury’s been around on the grand jury. 

Now some states use it and some states do not. 

The federal government still uses it. 

It was designed as a protection from huge government takeover and protecting the people from an oppressive tyrannical government. 

That’s kind of why it’s there. 

It’s people chosen from the community that gets to check on government.

So when a prosecutor comes to a grand jury and says I want to prosecute this person, the grand jury (the people from the community) should be able to say; 

“Man, we think you’re going after him for political reasons or we don’t think you have a strong enough case or we don’t think there’s enough evidence you should be going after”

They have the power of the people and have the power to hold the government in check and accountable. 

Now I’ve always said that the District Attorney is the most powerful person in these countries and people aren’t. 

And aren’t more focused on how crooked and easy it is to be crooked.

So the District Attorney runs the grand jury. 

The thing about a grand jury is they hear they do not determine a probable cause. 

A Lot of people think off the grand jury nights that you’re guilty. 

The grand jury does not determine innocence and guilt.

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If you go to the grand jury then you must have to bring new evidence. 

You can’t just keep coming back with the same evidence and trying. 

If I’m a prosecutor, I take you to the grand jury and the grand jury comes back with what’s called a No Bill.

A no bill means we don’t think there’s enough evidence to prosecute. 

They used to write on the bill instead of writing a True Bill

A true bill would be that he’s guilty. 

Actually Grand Jury does not determine the innocent and guilt they determine whether there’s enough evidence to charge the person with the crime that they’re accused of. 

A no bill means we don’t think there’s enough evidence to charge them.

A true bill means we think there’s enough to charge him. 

Now again the prosecutor with the most power in this country can still prosecute you if you get a no bill. 

And I know people are gonna be like that. I’m telling you wrong but they can still prosecute you if you get a no bill. 

All they have to do is go to the judge and say look I think there is the probable cause and the grand juror got wrong, so I’m still gonna prosecute. 

It’s totally up to the District Attorney’s discretion. 

I think if the grand jury does indict then the District Attorney can still say I am prosecuting but that’s not gonna happen. 

It hasn’t yet happened or maybe won’t because the prosecutor gets to pick what cases he takes to the grand jury and the prosecutor gets to make his case to the grand jury. 

So if I want to indict somebody I can go in there and make my case and then the grand jury will go with a true bill and indict the defendant. 

But I can also go in there and give the grand jury half evidence to do a half-assed job just bringing some inconsistent witnesses knowing that I don’t want to prosecute. 

But I’m a District Attorney and instead of saying I don’t want to prosecute I’m gonna make the grand jury come to the conclusion that there’s not enough evidence. 

There’s that way it’s not me it’s the grand jury. 

That’s the flaws with a grand jury and like in all the things in life. 

So the grand jury can be good or bad when the grand jury becomes a pawn of the prosecutor which I think at 90% of the time it is because you develop this working relationship. 

You hear the lawyer talking in a grand jury. The only lawyer in the room is the speaking prosecutor. 

There’s no other side or there’s no judge. 

There’s no rules of evidence. 

If I’m a prosecutor and I want to get you on a grand jury I can bring in hearsay evidence. 

Hearsay evidence is pretty much what I call gossip. 

You can’t really prove it. 

It’s just what you heard somebody else told you. 

That’s kind of hearsay evidence to me. 

So as a prosecutor I can bring that in and a grand jury knowing I will not be able to use that to prosecute him but I can let the grand jury hear it.

So now when I take it to a jury and I lose then I can say what the grand jury sucks. 

I knew it wasn’t that good of a case. 

So the District Attorney always has his weasel wiggle room to blame someone else because he can’t stand up and say what I’m gonna let the District Attorney do the right thing for the community. 

And I’m going to do my job the way I should do it. 

I’m not gonna do my job to keep my job and that’s a problem. 

A lot of politics in our government where we got too many government officials trying to keep their job instead of doing their job. 

So that’s my problem with the grand jury and that there’s a good thing.

If you get people from the community and they go what we’re not gonna let this District Attorney run roughshod on anybody we’re not gonna let him run around and do unlawful prosecutions and indict people just because of their political affiliation or because of something. 

The grand jury should be a check on the government to protect people from the government coming after them for the wrong. 

No, I mean people in the grand jury are usually law-abiding citizens who trust the system or who trust the government or who the government picks to be on the grand jury. 

It’s not like the community members pick the grand jury. 

The government picks either judges or prosecutors in the United States and the District Attorney pretty much picks is on the grand jury. 

So I mean they become pawns of the prosecutor and they get played by the prosecutor because they don’t know any better. They believe the prosecutor when a prosecutor says this is the law. 

So we’ll let him take it to trial because in the grand jury’s mind, we’re not really putting a guy guilty or innocent, we’re just saying whether he’s going to trial or not now. 

I think that’s a big decision because I don’t think somebody should be charged and put through that process when they’re not guilty because then a prosecutor has leverage to make that person take a plea deal to give him a lower charge. 

So he doesn’t possibly face more exposure to more prison time. 

So there’s this our political system always has these turns and in the road and blind corners that people get caught in. 

If you’ve never been in a system, you’ve never been charged and most people won’t and if they are then they’re usually in at one time and they just learn to avoid it or they learn they don’t want to do it again or they learn is too damn crooked and they just try to avoid it. 

So I mean is the grand jury a good thing? 

It’s design and intent was a good thing. 

It gave people power to hold the government in check. 

That’s always a good thing to give government power where the people can’t put them in check and that’s why when you take the guns, you take away the power of the people. 

It only takes three percent of the people out of unarmed people to overthrow a tyrannical government. 

It takes on like fifty-six of unarmed people to overthrow a trial that comes less white when people you never see them overthrow the government unless everybody’s dying and it’s like everybody’s nobody.

You can’t make a living everybody’s getting robbed. 

I mean crimes out of control the government’s shooting people in the streets but socialism and liberalism is great. 

Everything should be free and we should have more government that provides everything. 

All right so I want a single grand jury because you know I am about getting on my gun. 

So I made a couple notes to make sure I covered everything let make sure I covered everything grand juries basically call it a supermajority when I said in order to get a no bill or a true bill. 

To get a true bill you just need a supermajority. 

Some people will say if you have 12 people you need 9 to say “Yes charge him” so the standard and convincing everybody is less than a grand jury to get an indictment. 

Although a lot of people don’t know the system. 

The grand jury indicted him. 

He must be guilty now. 

They heard one side, they heard the prosecution with no defense. 

What is another factor which I think is a problem?

A big problem I had with a grand jury is that a suspect is odd. 

I have the right to petition a grand jury and say I want to speak on my behalf and I want to be at the grand jury and I want you to hear my side. 

Now the grand jury has a lot of power and that’s why the government controlling it is not good because the grand jury can hear whatever they want or they can not hear it they can say  that we’re going unless you testify or they can say what we don’t care what you say we ain’t gonna hear you. 

Grand jury, I thought they could subpoena. 

They can hold you in contempt if you lie. 

It’s secret and they say it’s a secret to protect witnesses and to protect defendants who are accused of the crime and then they’re not. 

So they want to protect them, that’s not why it’s secret. 

It is secret so the government can do whatever the hell at once and nobody can challenge it or come out except the members of the grand jury who are pretty much pawns are working for the government because they’re picked by the government. 

They think the government’s right and there on the side of law and order. 

They think all District Attorney’s because their lawyers have honor and integrity. 

So therefore they follow them and people get screwed every day. 

A petit jury prosecutor uses a grand jury for his own uses. 

The way the prosecutor used it is to get out of political heat if the communities in out roar and the District Attorney doesn’t want to prosecute. 

He will take it to a grand jury and either make his case good or bad and get the grand jury to do what he wants to do but he doesn’t have to say it. 

He can blame the grand jury for it. 

So that’s how the prosecutor uses a grand jury against the people which is against the way the grand jury was designed to protect the people from the government. 

So you just can’t teach this in schools anymore to distrust the government or to know that the government has power. 

I mean when I was a kid and I went to school they were still teaching American history and how government power is always bad, you have to keep them in control. 

You have to challenge the government or they get out of control. 

They’ll stomp on rights, they’ll take away rights and they infringe on freedoms of the people that’re not taught anymore.

Freaking liberals are out there saying, “Oh! government’s great we need more so that you give us free stuff and then nobody has to work and we get free college and free everything and then the government will just protect us because you’re a damn idiot.”

Alright, I digress. 

Let’s see float bodies I’ve talked about. 

Here’s a little quick critical analysis that I had. 

I’ll throw in here on how jurors and prosecutors prosecuting the case against the people. 

So I think I covered everything I wanted. 

That’s the grand jury in a nutshell. 

Again nothing’s easy in the long legal steps why wouldn’t people get out of there and go what will is in the cunt. 

It’s all clay to be formed by the people who either make it good for the people or who make it good for the government and that’s never a good thing. 

So hopefully you have a better understanding of the grand jury. 

I don’t know if anybody knows what kind of flag that is anyway. 

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