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Amazon Brand Registry"Amazon Brand Registry Law Procedure in Pakistan"

Amazon Brand Registry

Millions of sellers are trying to succeed on amazon but unfortunately not all are willing to play by the rules. The sellers who use a variety of tactics to jump on your product listing and take control of it, they can then do things such as edit your listing or even worse. So counterfeit versions of your product, customers will think you’re selling them low quality products and leave negative reviews as a result.

Amazon Brand Registry

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Millions of sellers are trying to succeed on amazon but unfortunately not all are willing to play by the rules. The sellers who use a variety of tactics to jump on your product listing and take control of it, they can then do things such as edit your listing or even worse. So counterfeit versions of your product, customers will think you’re selling them low quality products and leave negative reviews as a result.

As unfair as that may seem it’s a reality we can’t deny so it’s important to understand which measures you can take to outmaneuver any potential hijackers before they become a problem. So while you don’t necessarily need to live in fear of someone breaking into your laptop, the above-mentioned cases can happen to anyone.
If your product is something then hijackers can figure out how to manipulate it but as long as you’re prepared and take the steps we outline, you can keep potential hijackers from cannibalizing your business.

Amazon’s brand registry is an exclusive program that legitimizes your brand on Amazon and creates a better shopping experience for customers.


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The Top 10 Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry:

1. Transparency:
By enrolling in the brand registry you unlock a suite of tools designed to help build and protect your brand’s intellectual property and one of these tools is called Transparency (a service that helps identify your products and proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching customers). This is done by having your manufacturer apply transparency codes to your products so that amazon can scan them to ensure only authentic units are shipped to customers.

2. Brand Violation Reporting:
Another benefit of brand registry that helps protect your brand on amazon is having a dedicated internal team on standby 24/7 to assist you with reporting any marketplace violations or issues with your listings. You can even submit IP infringement claims, report technical issues or escalate previously submitted claims. However, brand registry provides sellers with much more than just protecting your brand on Amazon. It also allows brand owners to utilize the various marketing tools and reporting metrics that are proven to help drive higher traffic and stronger conversion rates on Amazon.

3. A + Content Feature:
The best program on Amazon is A + Content Feature that helps brands better showcase their product by adding rich text and images to your product description. According to a study conducted by Amazon the average conversion rate increase when utilizing A + content is about 5.6. So in other words, with A + content you’re converting an extra five to six people out of every 100.

4. Amazon Live:
Another way that brand registry helps sellers market and promote their products is through Amazon Live (a program that lets you stream live videos on Amazon’s homepage as well as on your own product listings). Streaming live offers sellers a unique opportunity to showcase how your products look and work to hundreds or even thousands of potential new customers.

5. Product Videos:
Unlike sellers that aren’t enrolled, brand registered sellers have the benefit of adding product videos to their listings. This can be a huge boost to your conversions as buyers don’t have to guess what your product is or how it works. The video, if done well, could be the difference between a shopper walking away or pressing the add to cart button.

6. Amazon Vine:
If you want your product to succeed on amazon you need to explore all the possible ways to get more product reviews one way that the brand registry helps you do that is through Amazon Vine (a product review program created by Amazon to provide sellers with more honest and unbiased reviews). The vine program works by inviting amazon’s most trusted reviewers to receive a product for free in exchange for a review.

7. Amazon Storefronts:
Another huge benefit of brand registry is the ability to promote your brand and products with your own custom designed storefront on Amazon with Storefronts. You can use customizable tiles to add text pictures and even videos that communicate your brand story.

8. Sponsored Brand Ads:
The other benefits of the products you sell once your store is set up you’ll then be able to run sponsored brand ads which are the headline ads that appear at the top of the page in Amazon Search Results. Using custom messaging you can utilize these ads to draw greater attention to your brand and when shoppers click on your ad, they’ll immediately be taken to your storefront. It is important to run ads on amazon and also important to track how your ads outside of amazon are performing as well as Google or Facebook ads.

9. Amazon Attribution:
Brand registered sellers have the advantage of utilizing Amazon Attribution (a free advertising tool created by amazon that allows you to measure the performance of external advertising efforts). This tool provides sellers with detailed analytics and insights so you can get a better understanding of which non-amazon marketing channels are driving the most sales.

10. Amazon Brand Analytics:
Lastly, being brand registered also means that you’ll gain access to Amazon Brand Analytics (a feature that contains valuable insights to empower brand owners to make informed decisions about their products and advertising efforts). Brand Analytics currently contains five advanced advertising reports. Amazon search terms repeat purchase behavior, market analysis, item comparison and alternate purchase behavior and even customer demographics. Understanding these reports will ultimately help guide your decisions regarding how you’ll use each of these tools and services available to you.

How to Register your brand on Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry Requirements:

There are three main requirements to fulfill for Amazon Brand Registry in order to protect your brand which are as follows:

1. First have an active registered Trademark for your brand in each country where you wish to enroll. The trademark for your brand must be in the form of either a text-based mark or an image based mark with words, letters or numbers. This trademark must also appear on your products or packaging and will need to match the brand name on the submitted application.

2. The second main requirement of brand registry is the ability to verify yourself as the rights owner or the authorized agent of the trademark. Amazon will verify this for you by sending a verification code to the rights owner of the trademark and once that code is sent back to amazon only then will be able to complete the enrollment process.

3. The last main requirement for brand registry is by far the easiest to accomplish and that’s to have an active Amazon Seller Central Account.

Step by Step Trademark Process for Amazon Brands:

● The first step in the trademark process is to come up with a unique brand name for your product but keep in mind that if you’re already planning to sell multiple products in one niche, let’s say pet products or maybe it’s baby products whatever it is, you’d be fine with putting everything

● under that one brand name. However if you’re anything like jungle creations where you plan to sell multiple products in multiple categories you may want to come up with a generic company name that allows you to sell any products under it.

● Once you think you have a unique brand name you’ll then need to verify that there are no other registered trademarks that exist with the same name. You can check this on the IPO or USPTO website by doing a thorough search using their official database; however if you’re finding this website hard to navigate, you can always choose to hire an Intellectual Property search specialist on our website to perform this search for you.

● After you’ve searched and verified that your brand name is unique you’ll then need to make sure you file within a specific class for your trademark. This is very similar to selecting a product category on amazon and will define what type of items will be sold under your trademarked brand. The cost for your trademark will also depend on which class you file in so make sure you file within the right class.

● Lastly you’ll then need to hire a licensed trademark attorney to file your trademark application. Once your trademark is filed typically you can expect to wait almost a full year before you even get an answer from the IPO or USPTO.

Fortunately however you don’t have to wait a full year to get your brand approved by amazon that’s because amazon now offers a free service called the IP Accelerator which connects amazon business owners to curated IP Attorneys who will help you with the entire trademark process, Amazon will then approve your product for brand registry in about two weeks before your trademarked application is even approved.

To apply for the IP Accelerator Program simply contact us and we’ll give free consultation. We’ll then ask for all the required information we need to get the process started. The IP Accelerator program is free to navigate but once you hire our law firm, you will then need to pay us to file your trademark application and once you pay and submit the required information you’ll wait to hear back from us with a confirmation code. After receiving your code you’ll enter it along with the other information into your brand registry application to complete the enrollment process.

If you already have a trademark for your brand or you chose to file it yourself, the process for submitting your brand registry application is quite simple. You’ll head over to amazon’s brand registry website which is separate from your seller central account from there. You’ll create a new account and begin filling in general information about your brand. As long as your trademark is live and not pending, you’ll be able to submit your trademark number. Once you have a trademark number, go ahead and copy the code. Lastly head back on over to your application and complete the registration process assuming that your trademark is active or you submitted a request through the IP Accelerator program.

The entire approval process can take up to two weeks so just make sure you submit everything amazon requires the first time around so there you have it. As long as you follow these steps and amazon guidelines you’ll be on your way to begin utilizing all the tools that the brand registry has to offer.

Keep in mind that each year competition on amazon continues to grow so it’s important for sellers to find more ways to make your brand and products stand out. That’s why having brand registry is so important as it unlocks features such as A + content, Amazon Stores and Sponsored Brand Ads.

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