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Best Translation Service

Do you need a certified or official translation to support an immigration, legal, professional, academic or financial application?

At our office, we understand each authority’s requirements, and ensure we have professional translators ready to help. We can provide certified, sworn, notarized and legalized translations that are acceptable worldwide.

Document Translation Service

Official Translation: We provide official translation services which means the translation of a document, such as a birth certificate or academic transcript, with an accompanying certification or sworn statement from our authorized translator. Official translations are usually required if you’re submitting a document issued in a foreign language to a government authority or organization, as part of an application. 

Certificate of Translation: A certificate of translation or a certified translation is the translation of a document that is accompanied with a separate certificate. The certificate is usually in the form of a signature, stamp and a statement from our translator. Certified translations are required by authorities and organizations in the UK, USA, Australia and Ireland and those produced by us are completed on our letterhead, and accompanied by a Statement of Accuracy, our stamp, signature and contact details.

Notarized Translation: Our notarized translation is a certified translation of the document that includes a sworn statement from our Notary Public. Our Notary Public appends his signature & stamp to the translation, confirming the identity of the translator and certifying his statement. A Notary cannot verify the authenticity of the translation, as they are usually not translators.

Personal Documents: We deliver authorized translations of documents that include but are not limited Nikahnama, Marriage, Divorce, Birth & Death Certificates, Affidavits, Medical reports, Academic transcripts, degrees and diplomas etc. 

Legal Documents: We provide legal documents translation services including Affidavits, FIR’s, Court Rulings, Court Order, Court Pleas, Legal Agreements, Employment Contracts, Incumbency Certificates, Real Estate Convene Deeds, Property Title Documents, Power of Attorneys and Warrants etc.

Business Documents: We can help translate business-critical documents that you need to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders. Our customers trust us with their annual reports, board meeting minutes, internal comms, marketing brochures, training and operational manuals, technical documents and legal contracts. We often work with businesses with tight internal or project related deadlines and have extensive experience translating business documents accurately and on time. 

eCommerce Translations: If your business is online, we are uniquely positioned to help you out. Localization and personalization are the new norm in eCommerce.  Getting a customer onto your online shop is half the battle; losing them is inevitable if your store is not localized. Customers buying online prefer to buy from a local online store or one that sells products/services in their language.

Our service supports all major online eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Amazon. We provide an easy and convenient way to get newly published text and product descriptions translated by native speakers for your store. Ensuring you speak the language of your customers helps you improve conversion rates & revenue.

Website Translations: Our specialist website and app localization service wins our customers their customers.  Our SEO based approach means relevant keywords and phrases are identified and retained, no matter the language, to ensure you’re always on top. Translating your website helps your customers find you in every language.

From our pool of translation partners, we hand select experts based on your industry and niche. In addition, a translator with a working knowledge of the language will ensure that we transliterate your marketing copy in line with the cultural context.

We offer an effortless way to translate your website, service pages and blog posts into over 130 languages. Our service supports all major website platforms, including WordPress and Drupal, and can work with different file formats, such as XML, CSV, JSON, YAML and HTML.

Why Choose Us?

We care about the privacy of our clients. We understand the importance of client’s data and we make sure it remains confidential. We also understand how records of our clients are very valuable to them and this is why we have a complete security protocol to follow that helps secure these valuable documents and records to the complete satisfaction of our clients. 

In our years of running this law firm, we have a reputation of never having misplaced or damaged any document or record of our clients which in turn helps our clients to entrust us with their valuable documentation.

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