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Notarizations and Attestations in Islamabad | Notarial and Authentication ServicesDocument Notarization & Attestation Services | Notary Public Officer in Islamabad

Notarizations and Attestations

Getting different documents notarized and attested from Pakistan sometimes become very critical, especially if a government or private authority in your country of residence requires the documents to be notarized and attested from Pakistan. 

In Pakistan, only a licensed Notary Public can notarize documents. We help you to get your document attested by our Notary Public Officer in Islamabad.

Notarial and Authentication

Our Notary Public Officer fulfills an important position as a public officer, providing a range of legal services relating to Powers of Attorney, foreign and international business, deeds and estates. The powers of a Notary Public include dealing with non-contentious legal matters of all kinds, which include preparing and witnessing legal documents for overseas use.

We offer extensive experience dealing with a variety of notary matters. Having been active in the legal sector for more than one decade, our expertise has helped countless overseas clients overcome the legal obstacles they’ve been faced with.

A Notary Officer’s role is to verify or authenticate legal documents for use in the officers, institutions, courts or abroad. Our Notary used to check the identity, capacity & authority of the person signing the document. If the Notary is satisfied after carrying out his obligations, we will issue a notarial seal of office to the document, or where appropriate a notarial certificate.

Our price structure is very straightforward & transparent. We are committed to providing you with the fastest service at the most competitive rate. 

If you as an individual who works long hours & finds it difficult to take time off work to travel to our office – our mobile notary service will resolve your problem. Other situations where you may require the mobile notary service is if there is an elderly individual finding it difficult to travel or family groups collectively signing documents. In such situations the mobile notary service offered by us may be more convenient or even necessary.

If you are unable to travel to our office or otherwise require the convenience of our mobile notary service, then please contact us & we will be pleased to make arrangements to travel to you. Mobile notary service will incur additional charges to cover travel & waiting.

Our identity verification requirement strictly be applied, and our notary public officer must confirm your identity. So, bring your Identity Card or Driving License with you.

What is the difference between notarization, legalization, and an attestation/apostille?

Notarization: Only a notary public can notarize a document, either certifying a legal document as genuine or an original, authenticating a signature or certifying or witnessing a person’s identity. Depending on what the notarization is being used for and what is required the notary public may:

• Issue a notarial certificate.

• Make a certified copy of an original document; and/or

• Witness the signing of a document.

Legalization: A document will usually first have to be notarized and/or apostilled before it can be legalized. Whereas legalization is normally only required if the document will be used in a country that is not a party to The Hague Convention. Only the embassy or consulate of the foreign country in which the document will be used can legalize a document.

Apostille: An apostille is used specifically for authentication of public documents with the purpose of making them fully legally recognizable in a foreign country. If the document will be used in a country party to The Hague Convention, apostille will usually be sufficient; otherwise, legalization may be required.

• Public documents that bear the true signature of an official party; and

• Documents signed by a notary public or a Commissioner of Oaths in Pakistan.

Our Notary Public Services

We notarize the following documents

  • Personal or Educational Documents
  • Powers of Attorneys
  • Bank Letters & Insurance Documents
  • Affidavits, Contracts & Agreements
  • Documents for Immigration purposes
  • Marriage, Divorce, Birth and Death Certificates
  • Permission for Children to Travel with Guardian
  • Attestation of educational documents such as degrees, transcripts & certificates
  • Personal documents required for official purposes
  • Change of name documents etc.
  • Witnessing documents dealing with documents for the purchase or sale of land and property
  • Notarising Foreign Adoption application requirements
  • Verifying the translation of documents using a translator

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