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Internet Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement Attorneys in PakistanOnline Piracy & Anti-Counterfeit Lawyer in Islamabad

Internet Piracy and Counterfeit

If you are the victim of Internet Piracy or Counterfeit, our experienced lawyers can help you. We provide in-depth analysis of personal, corporate, transactional, and regulatory issues related to the Internet and websites. Our lawyers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to complex disputes involving copyright infringement and spam. Whether you are a private user or content provider, we are here to protect your rights.

Product and mark counterfeiting in the entertainment, sports, information technology enabled services, and media industries have increased dramatically in recent years affecting numerous industries. A company’s success increasingly depends on the ability to protect its intellectual property (IP) assets and reputation. From handbags to electronics to personal care products, counterfeit products  often represent an incalculable cost to a client’s reputation and can result in permanent damage to a brand if not handled properly.

Our Legal Services

Dealing with online counterfeits including managing notice and takedown procedures, advising on website blocking orders, domain name disputes and co-ordination with payment providers

Obtaining a range of civil remedies against counterfeiters including search and seizure, and freezing orders, alongside financial compensation and injunctions

Obtaining a range of criminal remedies through private prosecutions, including financial compensation

Enforcing IP rights against unlawful parallel imports and grey market goods

Addressing cybersquatting and domain name infringement through UDRP and other means;

Combating counterfeit merchandise for major recording artists, both in online and on-the-ground marketplaces;

Addressing online imposters of celebrity clients;

Managing online enforcement programs to reduce counterfeit and gray market products on e-commerce sites;

Utilizing a “follow-the-money” approach to attack rogue websites’ credit card and payment processing abilities through partnerships with payment intermediaries;

Negotiating agreements with payment intermediaries and e-commerce sites;

Developing enforcement strategies in a variety of modern contexts, including social media, mobile apps, digital advertising, e-commerce platforms, gTLDs, 3D printing, and the dark web;

What Includes Internet Piracy

  • Making pirated software available over the Internet
  • Sharing software, music, or movies freely through peer-to-peer systems
  • Selling counterfeit software on Internet auction sites
  • Downloading illegal copies of software or music through file transfer protocol
  • Circumventing digital rights through “cracks” and key-generators
  • Selling compiled databases of user information to advertisers
  • Sending email spam via “zombie networks”
  • Transmitting viruses to personal computers
  • Harvesting email addresses to send messages to contacts
  • Installing “worms” to access computers without consent

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Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

Online counterfeiting can bring rise to various claims for businesses. These claims include trademark infringement, copyright infringement, or unfair competition. Product diversion can also bring additional claims, such as tort and breach of contract claims. At our law firm, we assist clients with legal issues related to business, technology, and e-commerce transactions.

Our lawyers have been at the forefront of anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy developments, and have developed modern initiatives now utilized by many other firms and organizations. While many firms focus on litigation alone, The Case Lawyer emphasizes the importance of a mix of litigation and non-litigation alternatives, for a more long-lasting impact with a bigger return on investment.

Our Team endorses a partnership approach to combating counterfeiting and piracy, and we commonly leverage our global network of contacts from major e-commerce sites, social media platforms, payment intermediaries, law enforcement agencies, and rights-holders, to achieve results.

Counterfeits are not a new problem. It has been condemned by almost every government in the world and there are a number of international accords to protect IP internationally.  Despite this, counterfeit products have been gaining more attention in recent years. Its negative impact on consumers, the industries and its workers and wholesalers & retailers are profoundly significant. The driving force behind the explosion of counterfeiting is clear and the widespread use of the internet.

Piracy and Cyber Crimes

Piracy is one of the most common types of cyber crimes. Cyber crimes can include just about any crime or criminal activity that takes place online. This type of cyber crime deals with theft of certain types of intellectual property. Illegally downloading music is probably the most popular form of piracy and cyber crime. Illegal file sharing can also occur with games, movies, television shows and a variety of different types of software. Any time a file is shared or downloaded illegally online, that’s piracy and a cyber crime.

Copyright Violations and Internet

There are many ways to inadvertently violate copyright and patent law.  You may not even know that you are breaking the law. Some activities that many may consider harmless—or at least victimless—can lead to lengthy and expensive court cases, which can become more difficult if you are not represented by an experienced online piracy lawyer.

An example of such an activity, which many people do every day without understanding the legality of the situation, is sharing files on a file-sharing network, even if you have legally purchased the files. Copyright laws may prohibit this kind of activity.

Sometimes these transactions may occur when you unknowingly belong to a pay-for-play or download file-sharing site. You may believe that you are acting in a legal way, especially since you are paying money for the downloads, but it may turn out that you were purchasing music from an illegal file-sharing site. We being an online piracy lawyer can help you understand the law and your rights while planning your defense.

Reliefs for the victims

Law provides that the owner of a copyright may apply to the court for an injunction that requires a carriage service to take the steps the court considers reasonable to block an online location that:

  • Infringes, or facilitates infringement, of copyright;
  • Has the primary purpose or the primary effect of infringing, or facilitating an infringement, of copyright;
  • The application may also seek an order that an online search engine provider take such steps as the court considers reasonable so as to not provide a search result that refers users to the online location.

The court may grant the injunction in terms it considers appropriate, including:

(a) requiring the carriage service provider to take reasonable steps to do either or both of the following:
(i) blocking domain names, URLs and IP addresses that provide access to the online location and that are specified in the injunction;
(ii) blocking domain names, URLs and IP addresses that the carriage service provider and the owner of the copyright agree, in writing, have started to provide access to the online location after the injunction is made; and

(b) requiring the online search engine provider to take reasonable steps to do either or both of the following:
(i) not providing search results that include domain names, URLs and IP addresses that provide access to the online location and that are specified in the injunction;
(ii) not providing search results that include domain names, URLs and IP addresses that the online search engine provider and the owner of the copyright agree, in writing, have started to provide access to the online location after the injunction is made.

Once an injunction has been obtained, a copyright holder can block mirror and proxy sites that facilitate digital piracy without the need to return to court.

Modern strategies for Online IP infringers

  1. First, the online marketplaces have a level of responsibility of ensuring that items sold in the platforms are authentic and more importantly legal. The problem here though is that the products listed on there are almost innumerable. These marketplaces have become giant and it’s simply unrealistic for them to check every item that gets listed.
  2. Next the internet service providers ISPs play a huge role. The primary job in this fight is to deal with websites who get caught acting illegally and who refuse to respond to the complaints by shutting down their websites.
  3. The third major player is brand protection services. Their job really is to do the heavy lifting that ISPs and online marketplaces are unable to do. There are the ones who come through online marketplaces and anywhere else that infringing products are sold, finding infringing products and validating their in-authenticity while some companies choose to enforce their own brand protection.


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What is The Case Lawyer?

The Case Lawyer is a full-service law firm that is being driven by the expert lawyers of multiple domains such as Family & Personal Laws, Property & Revenue Laws, Financial Law, Corporate and Tax Laws, Information Technology Laws, International Laws, Offshore Business Laws, and obviously Immigration Laws of different countries.

The Case Lawyer is popular among the overseas community due to its transparent mechanism as well as cost-efficiency. Firm’s majority clients are non-resident Pakistanis which are satisfy with the legal services provided by the firm and definitely dispute resolution for overseas Pakistanis.

  • Customized Support
  • Virtual Legal Support
  • Easy Access
  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Fee Structure

Our Customized Support for Expatriates

We have customized legal and litigation support for overseas Pakistanis as no other law firm in Pakistan is able to offer customized legal support. We have break down the entire process as follows;

  1. Initial Legal Consultancy
  2. Case Analysis
  3. Plan of Action & Invoice
  4. Preparation and Filing of Lawsuit
  5. Representation and Submission of Evidence
  6. Results

Convenience of Our Virtual Legal Support

We are virtually available 24/7 for your live legal support where you can discuss your concerns with our expert lawyers of multiple domains. You need to call on our business number and confirm appointment which is free of cost for initial consultation for 15 minutes but due to shortage of time and number of queries you need to pay 5000/- for subsequent consultation for next 30 minutes discussion with our lawyer.

Accessing Legal Services from Abroad

We are serving our expatriates Pakistanis who are residing everywhere in the world from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Turkey, and other countries. We have redressed the grievance of hundreds of overseas clients who are satisfied with our extra-ordinary services and prompt responses.

Transparency in Legal Services

Transparency in legal services for overseas Pakistanis is core concern which also is our main consideration. As most of the overseas Pakistani while residing abroad do not know what proceedings are being conducted in the court by their lawyers in Pakistan and this causes lack of trust and mis-information. We keep our overseas clients up to date regarding their case and clients are being informed through electronic mail and WhatsApp. We also share with them court orders which able them to understand what proceedings are being conducted by our lawyers.

Honest Communication with Overseas Clients

We prefer reputation over money and this aspect makes us well reputed organization. Our communication with the clients is privileged in accordance with the legal ethics so we you must believe that we provide you an honest solution and our conversation with you is protected.

Transparent Fee Structure for Legal Services

We prepare invoice after case analysis which clearly reflects documentation & filing expenses including court fee, lawyer’s professional fee, clerical expenses and other miscellaneous expenses which may incur time to time. This mechanism eliminates hidden cost which protects our client’s monetary concerns.

Furthermore, for convenience of Pakistani Expats we also have an option of installment plans but this varies upon case to case.

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