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World Technology Law Webinar 2022

30th November 2022
iTechLaw is a project of The Case Lawyer that deals with the technology laws and resolve legal issues of technology businesses. Our professionals can understand the technical legal compliance in technology industry.
Offshore Formations
Offshore Formations is an international project of The Case Lawyer that helps our clients to get registered their business, regulatory compliance and intellectual property in international jurisdictions being a non-resident.
Overseas Pakistanis
Overseas Pakistanis Legal Services is a project of The Case Lawyer that deals with the legal problems of our Overseas Pakistanis as they require an efficient and accessible platform for redressal of their grievance.
Family Disputes

Family Disputes

We deal with family disputes such as Adoption, Guardianship, Divorce, Child Custody, Maintenance, Recovery of Dower & Dowry Articles and Inheritance Law. Our lawyers assists clients by resolving their disputes.
Property <strong>Disputes</strong>

Property Disputes

Our team of civil lawyers provide guaranteed solution of your property matters and resolve all your problems. We are recommended for property case litigation and ensure the enforcement of your property rights.
Divorce & <strong>Child Custody</strong>

Divorce & Child Custody

In Pakistan, child custody is the most traumatic aspect that arises soon after the divorce or legal separation. Our team of family lawyers provide the best legal services for your divorce problems and child custody issues.
E-Commerce <strong> Legal Services </strong>

E-Commerce Legal Services

In order to ensure the protection of consumer’s privacy and avoid malpractices, the e-commerce business must be registered according to the laws.
Technology <strong>Contracts</strong>

Technology Contracts

Technology contracts for your online or technology business is a legal requirement that can save your company from future liabilities and damages.
Social Media <strong>Laws</strong>

Social Media Laws

The Government of Pakistan has enforced a set of rules to control social media companies to open their permanent offices in Pakistan and to follow all the applicable laws and regulations.
Offshore <strong>Companies</strong>

Offshore Companies

What’s the best way to have an offshore company to be 100% protected without any issue and how to set up?
Amazon Seller <strong>Lawyer</strong>

Amazon Seller Lawyer

You need an Amazon Seller's Lawyer because you receive IP infringement letter or someone else infringes your IP rights and if your Amazon Account is suspended.
Trademark & <strong>Copyright</strong>

Trademark & Copyright

In Pakistan, intellectual property rights have been protected and are regulated under various laws and used for a set of intangible assets owned and legally protected by a company and individual.
Defamation <strong>Lawyer</strong>

Defamation Lawyer

Under the provisions of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973, the reputation of a person has received the highest protection in Article 4(2)(a).
Deceptive Marketing <strong>Practices</strong>

Deceptive Marketing Practices

Advertisement is deceptive if it contains false or misleading statements or omits information that is likely to mislead consumers in ordinary circumstances.
Remote <strong>Legal</strong> Services

Remote Legal Services

Remote Legal Services strategy connects us to the organizations and individuals with cost effective legal services remotely through technology and the internet.

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