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What is the procedure to register a company in Pakistan?Company Registration in Pakistan Requirements and Procedure

Company Registration in Pakistan

The Case Lawyer is a well-known & reputable law firm which has helped register more than 1500 businesses in Pakistan. Having 10 years of experience in this profession, we have gathered enough information & experience that you need for your new company incorporation. We offer quick company registration with the step-by-step guidance of the process and 24/7 support.

Whether you are planning on registering a sole proprietorship business, private limited company, public limited company, partnership firm or any other corporation, we can help in everything.  Private Limited Company registration in Pakistan is the most preferred form of business structure in the business class. Companies in Pakistan are registered as per The Companies Act, 2017 The registration of companies is managed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) through the Companies Act, 2017.

Types of Company Registration in Pakistan

Private Limited Company Registration: We provide all guidance and assistance for the registration of all types of companies in Pakistan including a Private Limited Company. We can register both a Private Limited Company and a Single Member Company. Contact us for more benefits and rebates.

Public Limited Company Registration: Are you looking forward to a business in which you will have better access to capital? If you want your shareholders to be able to buy and sell their shares, then Public Limited Company is the ultimate go!

Micro-Finance Company Registration: We are experienced in registration of micro-finance company registration. Although the process of registration is different and complex than an ordinary company registration. If you have any query, feel free to contact us.

Software Company Registration: Software company registration is the need of every software development business in order to get incentives and build reputation in the eyes of the international clients. It will make your interest secure and would increase your trust level.

Call-Center Registration: In Pakistan, most of the call centers are doing business without getting registered from SECP or PSEB. We provide a complete package to our clients to register their business in SECP, PTA and PSEB.

Information Technology Company Registration: Technology industry is a billion dollar industry in Pakistan. If you are doing a business or planning to start a technology business then in our recommendation you must register a legal entity to secure your assets and interest.

Offshore Company Registration: We offer offshore company registration services in U.K, USA, Canada and Estonia without being residents of the relevant company. We work with international lawyers who will register the companies of our clients on a priority basis.

NGO Registration in Pakistan: We help to get legal license or certificate from concerned departments to operate Non Profit Organization or association or foundation in Pakistan in order to work for welfare purpose.

Pakistan Software Export Board Registration: If you have a call center or an IT company, then you have to do PSEB Registration. For call centers, it is a must. But, if you have an IT company then you will be given tax exemptions.

NGO Registration in Pakistan: We help to get legal license or certificate from concerned departments to operate Non Profit Organization or association or foundation in Pakistan in order to work for welfare purpose.

Pakistan Software Export Board Registration: If you have a call center or an IT company, then you have to do PSEB Registration. For call centers, it is a must. But, if you have an IT company then you will be given tax exemptions.

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What is the procedure to register a company in Pakistan?

Steps to Register a Company in Pakistan

Company registration in Pakistan is a complex process because you have to meet with each requirement. Although requirements depend upon the type of a company as well as nature of the business, but here are general steps to register a company in Pakistan;

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Step 7
  • Step 8

Company Name Registration

First step is a selection of a unique and appropriate name for your company and then its reservation at the online portal of SECP. There are few restrictions and prohibitions for selecting name so make sure it complies with the guidelines provided by the SECP.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Second step is the preparation of the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) for your company. Memorandum of Association is a constitution of the company that confirms certain details such as name of a company, object and scope, registered office address of company, capital and authorized share amount and details of shareholders. Whereas, Articles of Association is a document that prescribe the rules about the company structure and management of the company.

Filing Application in SECP

Once the documents are prepared then it comes to the preparation of Form-II under Companies (Incorporation) Regulation of 2017 to be filed alongwith certain details and required documents. This form can be filed through online as well as manually, depending upon the circumstance and nature of company. However, if filed online then it requires obtaining a digital signature.

Payment of Fees

After submission of all the documents alongwith Form-II, you need to pay the registration fees online through the SECP’s portal or by any other means. The fee depends on the authorized share capital and type of a company. After depositing fee, transaction receipt is also required to be submitted in the office of Company Registrar.

Verification and Approval

A Company Registrar Office of SECP will review the application and annexed documents. If there comes any objection or missing details, then the same would be returned and if everything is good, a certificate of incorporation and a registration number will be issued.

Registration in FBR & NTN Certificate

After incorporation of a company, the same is also to be registered in the Federal Board of Revenue and a National Tax Number (NTN) is to be issued on the name of a company because company is a legal person that is subject to payment of income tax, sales tax, and any other applicable taxes with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Opening a Bank Account

Once you have the certificate of incorporation and NTN Certificate, you can open a business bank account in the name of your company. After opening an account, the bank will issue an Account Maintenance Certificate. Opening a bank account is mandatory as authorized capital amount is to be deposited and all the financial transactions of the company shall be done through business bank account.

Submission of Statutory Returns

After opening a bank account, all the required documents including Incorporation Certificate, NTN Certificate, Account Maintenance Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Form-A/B and Form 29 are to be filed in the office of Company Registrar, SECP for compliance of filing statutory returns.

Documents Required for Company Registration in Pakistan

To register a company in Pakistan, following documents are required to be submitted for the company registration process:

  • Name Reservation Certificate: Prior to company registration, company name is required to be reserved by filing an application. After reservation of company name, SECP’s Name Reservation Department shall issue a Certificate.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA): This document outlines the company’s name, objectives, office address, shareholders, share details etc.
  • Articles of Association (AOA): The Articles of Association specifies the internal regulations and governance of the company.
  • Proof of Address: If the business address is rented premises, then a lease agreement but if it is a self-owned property then proof of ownership.
  • Form-II: This is an application form that contains basic information about the company, such as the name, registered address, and details of directors and shareholders, number of shares, contact information etc.
  • Form 21: It includes the consent of the directors to act as directors of the company.
  • Form 29: This form provides details of the registered office address of the company.
  • Copy of CNIC or Passport: You will need to provide copies of the national identity card or passport of the directors and shareholders.
  • Digital Signature: Each director must have a digital signature issued by the National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT).
  • Bank Challan: The payment receipt for the registration fee needs to be submitted along with the application.

Benefits of Registering a Company in Pakistan

Registering a company in Pakistan have several benefits such as;

  • Legal Recognition: Registering your company provides legal recognition and protection. It establishes your business as a separate legal entity, which means that the company’s liabilities are separate from your personal liabilities.
  • Limited Liability: By registering as a limited liability company (LLC), the shareholders’ personal assets are protected in case of any financial liabilities.
  • Credibility and Trust: Registration of company increases credibility and trust in potential customers and investors. It reflects that your business is legitimate and compliant with regulations.
  • Business Contracts: Registration allows you to enter into contracts with other companies or individuals. This brings opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and government tenders.
  • Tax Benefits: Registered companies enjoy various tax benefits and incentives offered by the Government of Pakistan. These can include tax exemptions, tax credits, and reduced tax rates.
  • Brand Protection: Registering your company’s name, logo, or trademark provides legal protection against unauthorized use or infringement.
  • Access to Funding: Registered companies have better opportunities to access to funding options such as loans or credits from the banks and financial which makes it easier to raise capital for business expansion or investment.
  • Succession Planning: Registering as a company allows for easier succession planning. It enables you to transfer ownership or shares to family members, partners, or investors, ensuring the continuity of your business in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to register a company in Pakistan?

How much does it cost to register a company in Pakistan?

The cost of registering a company in Pakistan depends various factors such as type of company, nature of business as well as on the authorized share capital of the company. The registration fee is based on the authorized share capital of the company starts around PKR 5,000 for a share capital of up to PKR 100,000 and increases as the share capital increases excluding legal and professional fees. If you choose to seek assistance from our firm, there may be additional fees for the services.

Can a foreigner register a company in Pakistan?

Can a foreigner register a company in Pakistan?

Yes, foreigners can register a company in Pakistan. The process is complex and the government encourages foreign investment. However, there are a few things required in this regard:

  • Incorporation Requirements: Foreigners are required to have a local registered office address in Pakistan. This can be obtained through a service provider or a local partner.
  • Shareholding: Foreigners can hold 100% ownership of a company in most sectors. However, there are certain restrictions in specific industries like banking and security etc., where foreign ownership is limited.
  • Legal Compliance: Foreigners must ensure compliance with Pakistani laws and regulations, including tax obligations, labor laws, and any sector-specific regulations.
  • Documentation: Foreigners will need to provide their passport copies, proof of address, and other relevant documents during the registration process.
How to register a company in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

How to register a company in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

Process of company registration in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) begins after issuance of incorporation certificate by the SECP as mentioned above. Once the company gets registered with the SECP, following steps are to be followed;

  • Hiring a Legal Consultant: It’s highly recommended to hire a legal consultant or a corporate lawyer who specializes in securities law and has experience with Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) regulations. We will guide you through the process and ensure compliance.
  • Preparation of Documents: We will prepare and collect all the necessary documents, including the company’s incorporation certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association, audited financial statements, and other relevant documents.
  • Draft the Prospectus: If you plan to issue shares to the public, we will prepare a prospectus. This document provides detailed information about the company, its financials, and the offering to potential investors.
  • Complete the Application: We will fill out the application form provided by the PSX and attach all the required information, such as the company’s details, financial information, and the proposed offering.
  • Payment of Fee: After completion of documentation, a registration fee as specified by the PSX required to be paid in their official bank account.
  • Submission of File: After depositing the required fee, we will submit the application form, along with the necessary documents and the payment receipt, in the office of PSX.
  • Compliance and Approval: The PSX will review application, conduct due diligence, and ensure compliance with the listing rules. If everything gets accepted and the PSX is satisfied with the application, company will be approved for listing on the stock exchange.
How to register a company in Pakistan Engineering Council?

How to register a company in Pakistan Engineering Council?

If you are intending to register a company with the Pakistan Engineering Council, then note that this process begins after registration of company with the SECP. Once the company gets registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, you would need to follow these steps:

  • Filing Application Form: Fill out the application form with all the required information, including the company’s details, such as incorporation number, name, address, and contact information.
  • Attach Required Documents: Attach the necessary documents, such as the company’s Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association, NTN Certificate, License of Engineering, Accounts Maintenance Certificate, Affidavit and other relevant documents alongwith the application form provided by the Pakistan Engineering Council.
  • Payment of Fee: In case of Private Limited Company, registration fee is 30,000/-. For Sole Proprietor, fee 10,000/-. For Partnership Firm, fee is 20,000/-. In case of Foreigner Consulting Engineers, fee is 1000 USD. This fee is required to be deposited into the official bank account of Pakistan Engineering Council.
  • Submission of Application: After payment of fee, all the documents along with the payment deposit receipt required to be submitted in the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Secretariat.
  • Verification and Approval: The PEC will verify the submitted documents and conduct necessary checks. Once the verification process gets completed and everything gets approved, your company will be registered with the PEC.
What is a Single Member Company?

What is a Single Member Company?

A Single Member Company is set up as a separate business entity from its owner and only has one shareholder. The single member serves as a director and has complete control over the company and its assets. The single member company concept came into existence in 2010. It is a private limited company but the difference is that only one member is required to incorporate the company. The SMC can not sell or trade the stakes with the public in the stock market.

What is a Private Limited Company?

What is a Private Limited Company?

A private limited company is the ideal business structure for Small-Medium Enterprises that need to raise capital on a small to medium scale. A private limited company is a separate legal entity from its shareholders. Shareholders elect a board that, along with the company’s CEO, takes the operational decisions. A company may also require a company secretary, legal advisor and auditor depending on its size. It is the most favorable business structure among the business class of Pakistan. A minimum of two directors are required for its registration. It takes 2-3 days on average to complete the process.

What is a Public Limited Company?

What is a Public Limited Company?

A public limited company, or ‘PLC’ for short, is a company that is legally allowed to offer its shares for sale to the public. They don’t have to offer shares to the public if they choose not to, but the option is there if and when needed. A Public Limited Company is not the most popular choice of company in Pakistan, in fact over 95% of limited companies in Pakistan are private limited companies. There are certain differences between the two, and there are specific requirements that a public limited company needs to meet.

A public limited company is a type of limited liability. But, in this case, the company can sell and trade its shares in public. However, sharing the company’s worth is necessary in these types of businesses. So, the buyers would come to know the worth of the company. However, the selling and trading of shares to investors increases the company’s capital. But, forming a public limited company has more strict requirements than a private limited company.

What is a Limited Liability Partnership?

What is a Limited Liability Partnership?

In contrast to a General Partnership or an Association of Persons (AOP), the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a separate legal entity and provides protection to other partners from joint liability created by the misconduct of another partner. This business structure combines the advantages of a Limited Liability Company and the flexibility of a general partnership (regulated under Partnership Act, 1932) at a low compliance cost.

What is a process of partnership registration in Pakistan?

What is a process of partnership registration in Pakistan?

Registration of partnership firm in Pakistan is no longer complex. Two or more partners can form a firm in line with the provisions of Partnership Act, 1932 for starting a business in Pakistan.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Complete your documents as mentioned in the below section
  • Download the application form (Form-I) and fill it properly
  • Prepare a Partnership Deed on a Stamp Paper of Rs. 1000/-
  • Submit registration fee i.e. Rs. 1000/- in the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) through a Challan Form under the Head of Account: C-03545
  • Prepare an affidavit regarding accuracy of papers and existence of office on a stamp paper of Rs. 5/-
  • Visit Citizen Facilitation Center, Mauve Area, G-11/4, Islamabad to submit your application along with documents
  • After documents submission, a date and time will be provided for physical appearance of all the Partners / Witnesses along-with their original valid CNIC before the Registrar of Firms.
  • The partners should contact this office after ten days of submission of papers to collect their certificate

Documents Required

  • Form-I
  • Partnership Deed on a Stamp Paper of Rs. 1000/-
  • Receipt regarding submission of Registration Fee in NBP
  • Affidavit on a Stamp Paper of Rs. 5/-
  • Copy of lease agreement / ownership of the office address alongside a copy of a utility bill (Office of the Firm should be in Commercial Area)
  • Copy of Computerized valid N.I.C of all the Partners and Witnesses.


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What is The Case Lawyer?

The Case Lawyer is a full-service law firm that is being driven by the expert lawyers of multiple domains such as Family & Personal Laws, Property & Revenue Laws, Financial Law, Corporate and Tax Laws, Information Technology Laws, International Laws, Offshore Business Laws, and obviously Immigration Laws of different countries.

The Case Lawyer is popular among the overseas community due to its transparent mechanism as well as cost-efficiency. Firm’s majority clients are non-resident Pakistanis which are satisfy with the legal services provided by the firm and definitely dispute resolution for overseas Pakistanis.

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We have customized legal and litigation support for overseas Pakistanis as no other law firm in Pakistan is able to offer customized legal support. We have break down the entire process as follows;

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We are virtually available 24/7 for your live legal support where you can discuss your concerns with our expert lawyers of multiple domains. You need to call on our business number and confirm appointment which is free of cost for initial consultation for 15 minutes but due to shortage of time and number of queries you need to pay 5000/- for subsequent consultation for next 30 minutes discussion with our lawyer.

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We prepare invoice after case analysis which clearly reflects documentation & filing expenses including court fee, lawyer’s professional fee, clerical expenses and other miscellaneous expenses which may incur time to time. This mechanism eliminates hidden cost which protects our client’s monetary concerns.

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