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DefamationWhat is defamation of character on facebook?

April 30, 20200

Before I go to elaborate the things, first I need you to know what is defamation?

Defamation is such a statement or remarks against the person which causes damage to his reputation or his moral worth in the eye of the public at large.

It can be categorized into two main categories which are

  1. written defamation – Libel
  2. verbal defamation – Slander 

I think it’s clear to you,

Now let’s get back to the concerning topic: what is defamation of character on facebook?

As i said above,

That as the things on the internet get wider, the negative and positive impact is getting increasing as well.

The main issue on social media today is an increasing number of cases relating to defaming the reputation and character – Apart from the security issues.

What to do if i defamed on facebook?

Somebody asked me that someone edited my photo from Facebook with slander and sent it privately to a friend can I sue?

Interesting question and there’s a lot of issues in that question.

Actually, alright slander and libel are both types of defamation and defamation is a state law issue so first off you got to go look at your state’s law regarding defamation. Let’s go with the assumption that everybody is in this situation.

All live in the same State. Could we get multiple states involved it gets even more complicated.

So in Arizona to have defamation you generally have to have a full statement about a person communicated to a third party that hurts that person’s reputation.

So in this situation if it’s someone who took your photo from Facebook and edited it.

I’m assuming like they added text and added something that was untrue and then sent that altered photo to another person.

So okay leak so when it comes to defamation cases.

The requirement that it’s communicated to a third party doesn’t specify how big that third party has to be, so whether it’s just sent to a single person or posted on the internet for you to know anyone with internet access to see you a way that’s still a communication to a third party.

So could be defamation and then depending on what they posted on the photo would determine.

You know it has to be a false statement, so if it’s a true statement or if it’s something that isn’t raised to the level of defamation like they’ve just merely shared an opinion not stating a false.

You know making a false statement you have to have a lawyer examine the actual photo to see what rights.

You might have if you do have a defamation claim or maybe a type of claim depending on this situation.

These are all based on state level laws.

So I can’t give a black and white one and all be answered to this question but is it possible that this situation could qualify as defamation in Arizona.

Yeah! If you’re in this type of situation and you want to know if you have a defamation case or if you just want to talk about your options for recourse because sometimes going the legal route you’re going through court is not the best course of action depending on your desired goal.

So make sure you talk with your lawyer about that too because there is more than one way to approach these types of problems.

If you are in this type of situation go call a lawyer to fully examine what’s going on and what laws apply in your case to determine if your desired outcome is even available to you.

What is public defamation on facebook?

Facebook as well as other social media platforms are public forums where people express their opinion and share information. but besides that people also express their hatred by their words against some persons they don’t like.

Most common type of defamation we are dealing with is cyber libel which means people disgrace the other persons based on their political as well as religious acts.

It is a right of a citizen to express his opinion but such opinion must be sincere and honest but when someone expresses his opinion on facebook posts or comments against someone’s character and dignity we call it a public defamation on facebook.

Does defaming someone on facebook constitute an offense?

Every act which harms the dignity and character of a person is to be considered an offence until it is to be proved that such words are honest for the betterment of the society and based on truth. Similarly when a person posts some content on facebook wherein he’s defaming someone’s character or feelings then it is definitely to be considered an offence.

How to deal with defamation on facebook?

In order to deal with the defamatory content on facebook, there are certain ways you must consider.

  • Report the matter to the facebook authority to take action against the account who is posting malicious content.
  • If you know the person posting defamatory content you may directly approach him under the law.
  • You can report the matter to the law enforcement agencies against the person to initiate legal action against him.
  • You can file a suit for defamation or compensation before the court of law.

Can you sue for defamation of character on facebook?

Yes you can knock the doors of the court of law and sue a person for defamation of character on facebook by certain ways stated above.

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