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Child AbuseChild Abuse and Prevention – The Basic Concepts

May 16, 20190

Before I explain child sexual abuse but most importantly this article is about the prevention of child sexual abuse, primary prevention.

I’m going to share the information about what I believe in my heart that we can prevent child sexual abuse.

I started working as a lawyer and I’m a certified counsel on child sexual abuse prevention. The idea came into my mind on a healing journey of my client that when it became clear to me.

The question is that;

How we can prevent child sexual abuse?

That’s our job as adults to get educated to take that fear that recognizes it but do whatever you can to get past it because we need your help to build those bridges to keep up those fences. So those children don’t continue to fall into the river and they can’t do it without us.

What is child sexual abuse in terms of statistics?

We’re talking about one out of every four girls and one out of every six boys and if you belong to a big family put those faces on the children because the statistics someone who is either being abused has been abused and chances are we also know someone who is abusing children.

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