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Remote Legal Services

Remote Legal Services strategy connects us to the organizations and individuals with cost effective legal services remotely through technology and the internet. Now we can provide legal consultation from our office to your location with the use of technology by virtual representation.


On our side:

Remote Legal Services strategy connects us to the organizations and individuals with cost effective legal services remotely through technology and the internet. Now we can provide legal consultation from our office to your location with the use of technology by virtual representation.

● Convenience – Clients can connect with us while sitting in their offices to seek advice and
services without spending time on travelling.
● Affordability – Legal advice and services are provided at low-cost to the clients
● Quality – Receive quality of legal services from nationwide experienced lawyers of our law firm
● Skills based service – Our law firm is equipped with the knowledge and experience in different sector of services

By way of using modern research methodology and with the use of technology we are able to assist you on every legal issue with no span of time.

Our law firm is providing remote legal services to our clients in the following aspects:


1st Floor, Plaza 786, Sector O-9, PWD Double Road, Commercial Area, Islamabad
Landline (Pakistan)
+92 51 890 5506
Landline (United Kingdom)
+44 (208) 255 9999
WhatsApp (24/7)
+92 313 5456596
Mon-Sun: 9am – 5pm
Technology Contracts & Agreements

● Master Service Agreement / Service Level Agreement
● End User License Agreement / Services Subscription Agreement
● Technology Transfer Agreement
● Developer’s Agreement
● Software Support and Maintenance Agreements
● Source Code License & Service Agreement
● Subcontractor Framework Agreement
● Cloud Services agreement
● Outsourcing Agreement
● Marketplace agreements
● Software Licensing Agreements
● Payment Gateway Agreements
● Cross-Platform Payment Agreements
● Non-Disclosure Agreement
● Source Code Escrow Agreement
● Beta Test Agreement
● Freelance contract
● Social Media Policy for Employees

Legal Documents for Website & Apps

● Privacy Policy
● Community Guidelines
● Cookie Policy
● Copyright Notice
● Legal Notice
● Terms of Use
● Terms of Service
● Terms and conditions
● Disclaimer
● Slavery Statement
● Refund Policy (for E-commerce/SaaS)

Data Protection Legal Documents

● Personal Data Protection Policy
● Data Retention Policy
● Data Transfer Agreements
● Data Processing Agreement
● Data Breach Notices
● Consumer Privacy Notice
● Employee Privacy Notice
● Data Subject Consent Form
● Data Subject Notices
● Legal opinion on GDPR & CCPA compliance

Telecommunication Legal Documents

● Registration and Renewal of Licenses
● Telecommunication Service Agreement
● Interconnection Agreement
● License Agreement for Telecom Service
● License Agreement for Internet Service
● Non-compete Agreement
● Employment Agreement
● Carrier Agreement
● Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
● Network Security Policy
● Privacy Policy
● Service Level Agreements
● Memorandum of Understanding

E-Commerce Legal Services

● Data Protection Guidelines
● Brand Protection
● Company’s policies applicable to third party seller or vendor
● Data Transfer agreements
● Marketplace agreements
● Seller’s / Supplier’s Agreement
● API Agreement
● Terms of use/services (for buyers)
● Service Level agreements
● Logistic agreements
● Franchise agreements
● Cloud computing agreements
● Contracts with the third party i.e Amazon Service Business Solution Agreement
● Compliance of Import/export regulations
● IP related work

Real Estate Agreements

● Sale & Purchase Agreement
● Rent & Lease Agreement
● Power of Attorney
● Mortgage agreement
● Real Estate Brokerage Agreement
● Owner Maintenance Agreement
● Exchange Agreement

Business Agreements

● Distributor Agreement
● Consulting Agreement
● Sales Representative Agreement
● Franchise Agreement
● Logistic agreements
● Share Purchase Agreement
● Shareholder Agreement
● Marketing/Advertising Agreements (brand ambassador marketing and sale agreements)
● Stock Purchase Agreement
● Partnership Agreement
● Joint Venture Agreement
● Business Selling Agreement
● Merger & Acquisition Agreement
● Logistics & Transport Service Agreement
● Third Party Consultation or Services Agreement
● Cease and Desist Notice

Startup Legal Assistance

● Company Registration in Pakistan
● Company Registration in USA
● Company Registration in UK etc
● Memorandum of Association
● Article of Association & Organization
● Bylaws of corporation
● LLC Operating Agreement
● Company’s Policy
● Employment Contracts
● Notice of Termination
● Partnership Agreement

Company Registration in U.K for Pakistani Residents

● LLC Registration
● Trademark & Copyright
● VAT Registration
● Legal Documentation
● Opening Bank Account
● Annual Returns

Intellectual Property Registration Services

● Trademark Registration
● Copyright Registration
● Copyright Transfer Agreement
● Patent Protection
● Industrial Design Protection
● Geographical Indication Registration
● Trademark registration in U.K
● Trademark registration in USA
● Trademark registration in worldwide

Tax Consultancy & Assistance

● Income Tax Submission
● Sales Tax Submission
● Tax Review and Correction
● Reply of Notice by FBR

Court Documents Preperation

● Demand Letters
● Case Research Papers
● Summary judgment
● Petitions & Appeals
● Motions & Memos
● Statement of Facts & Grounds
● Letters of Intent
● Litigation Documents
● Legal Opinions

DMCA Takedown Legal Services

● Expert Legal Advice
● Plan of Action
● File & Proceed DMCA Takedown
● DMCA Counter Reply
● DMCA Registration
● DMCA Certification

Miscellaneous Legal Services

● Cease and Desist Notice
● Defamation Notices & Reply
● Legal Notices & Reply
● Demand Letter
● Contract Termination Notice
● Payment Overdue Notice
● Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
● Written Opinion for Legal Compliance
● Legal Opinion against Consumer’s Complaint

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